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OxiMax Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Generation Systems
What we offer
OxiMax Chlorine Dioxide Generation System are state of the art technology in reactor design and Chlorine Dioxide advantage that Chlorine Dioxide is dosed immediately after the reaction chamber. this avoids the requirement for a ClO2 storage container and consequent losses.Presser dosing of ClO2 solution is another advantage, no need for a ejector to pull the chemical through, results in lower running costs through reduced water and power.
Main application
  1. Portable water Disinfection in water works
  2. Medical waste water disinfecton and municipal waste water disinfection
  3. Cryptosporidium and Giardia inactivation in public swimming pools
  4. Industrial cooling water disinfection in power plants and chemical plants
  5. Hotels, restaurants, family appliances and utensils disinfection
  6. Beverage plants, food plants pipeline, breweries and equipment disinfection
  7. Aquaculture water disinfection
  8. Livestock farms disinfection
  9. Industrial circulating cooling water disinfection
  10. Hospitals
  11. Chemical Manufacturers
  12. Spa bath
  13. Off-shore rigs
How does the OxiMax Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Generation System work?
The generation system does two chemicals sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid through two metering pumps to reactor which produces high-purity ClO2 solution,which is than mixed with dilution water The ClO2 output can be controlled by adjusting the stroke length of chemical pumps manually or automatically controlled via 4-20 mA singal from ow residual analyzer.
Advantages of technology
  • Multiple security measures
  • Low Chemical Level Alarms with generator stop. Chemical Interrupt Alarms with generator stop.

  • Special reactor
  • Material-The reactor is made of titanium alloy material for complete chemical resistance.

  • Central controller
  • The LCD Display screen provides operational data s and menus for adjustment of set points
    and parameters. it is simple to operate and easy to configure and fault-find.

  • High quality appearance
  • The PVC enclosure creates clean lines and great looking system.when wall mounted, there
    are no plant items visible or available for operators to touch are adjust.

  • ClO2-highly cost-effective environment-friendly bio-oxide
  • Excellent alternative to chlorine bleche ozone and bromine.

  • Multiple control options
  • Various methods of control can be utilized to achieve the desire disinfection result at the lowest cost.

  • Multiple point dosing
  • By joining the generator with a dilution pipe system and dilution tanks(with level switches), one
    generator can be used to produce a dilute chlorine dioxide solution suitable for multiple point dosing.

  • Broad applicability
  • Chlorine dioxide can be applied to many and varied applications where disinfection is required and where chlorine is currently considered to be ineffective.
    Typical applications include potable water, industrial process water, cooling tower disinfection for inactivation of Legionella and bio films, thermal water storage systems and CIP sanitization in the food industry.

  • The easy to install OxiMax-X wall-mounted CI02 generator
  • This is a simple wall mounted generator which can be installed on the wall of any room. You can be up and running in a few hours with minimal downtime and interruption. Low capital cost means quick payback.

  • Customized systems available
  • We can design and build a system to meet your needs if standard models do not quite meet your requirements.

  • Works over wide PH range
OxiMax-XC1 OxiMax-C2 (interlock with water pump)
OxiMax-XO I1, OxiMax-OI (Flow Proportional Control)
OxiMax-XO2, OxiMax-O2 (Residual ClO2 control)
OxiMax-E (Computer remote control)
Generator models and capacities
  1. OxiMax-X series:
    30,50,100,200 g/hr as Cl02
  2. 0xiMax-C2,DI,D2,E
    300,500,800,1000,1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000 and 1 0,000 g/hr as Cl02
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