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OxiMax MM Series  -Continuous Process Models
What is OxiMax MM Series?
OxiMax MM series Electrochlorination Systems produce the disinfectant Sodium Hypochlorite from Salt & Water (brine)  on your own site. Sodium Hypochlorite is a chemical compound with the formula NaOCI.
Rural and Urban Water Supply Schemes, Ground Water, Railway stations, Waste & Sewerage treatment, Swimming pools, Cooling systems, Health services.
How does OxiMax MM Series work?
In simple terms we pump brine through an electrochlorination cell (the electrolyser). We apply DC electricity to the cell and the resultant product at the outlet of the cells is Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCI). We pass the NaOCI straight to your process or we can store it in tanks for later dosing/shock dosing.
NaOCI when mixed with water in your process in sufficient quantities can prevent biofouling, kill bacteria and prevent the growth of algae. OxiMax MM Series requires only 3.5 to 4 kg salt for generating 1 kg active chlorine. The typical power consumption is around 4.0 kw h/kg of chlorine produced.
OxiMax MM electrochlorination systems are advanced systems with unmatched features and technology. Some of the features are as under:
  • Entire system is controlled by a single microprocessor thus making the operation more user-friendly, automatic and less dependent on operator.
  • Only system in India using reference cell technology which helps in measuring the salinity level in hypo generator, thus keeping the hypo strength constant as per design parameters.
  • OxiMax cell casing is of acrylic material which makes the cell transparent for ease of monitoring.
  • Salt saturation tank can contain salt of up to 7-10 days and therefore no need of putting the salt on day to day basis. The system shall automatically pick up the salt necessary for generation. In most of the other systems, salt has to be poured on daily basis. We call it "Fill it-Shut it-Forget it".
The OxiMax Sodium Hypochlorite Generators (electrochlorinators) have the following major advantages over other similar facilities:
  • Economical method of Chlorination
  • Innovative design - See every Anode and Cathode
  • Controlled by microprocessor based pre-programmed logic control system
  • SC 12 MMO coatings on Anodes for increased efficiency
  • Built with engineering plastics
  • Reference cell incorporated to check salinity accuracy
  • High visibility cells, high efficiency electrodes
  • Optimum electrical and hydraulic efficiency
  • Low maintenance. Minimum operator intervention
  • Many years trouble free service
  • Direct communication with manufacturer regarding system design & customization.
Which system is right for you?
Sr. No. Water Quantity
Dosage @
1 ppm
Capacity active
generation per
1 50,000 litres/day 1 ppm 5 gm/hr MM 5
2 1,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 10 gm/hr MM 10
3 2,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 25 gm/hr MM 25
4 3,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 35 gm/hr MM 35
5 5,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 50 gm/hr MM 50
6 10,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 100 gm/hr MM 100
7 15,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 150 gm/hr MM 150
8 20,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 250 gm/hr MM 250
9 30,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 350 gm/hr MM 350
10 50,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 500 gm/hr MM 500
11 75,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 750 gm/hr MM 750
12 1,00,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 1000 gm/hr MM 1000
13 1,50,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 1500 gm/hr MM 1500
14 2,00,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 2000 gm/hr MM 2000
15 2,50,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 2500 gm/hr MM 2500
16 3,00,00,000 litres/day 1 ppm 3000 gm/hr MM 3000
*Higher capacity also available
# Running time of 10 hrs/day assumed
If the System is running for 24 hrs., then water disinfection quality can be accordingly increased

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Which system is right for you?
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