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OxiMax Fluoride Removal Systems
Types of OxiMax Fluoride Removal Systems
OxiMax Bio-F
Defluoridation Systems
What is Bio-F?
Bio-F is a biological adsor- bent using natural shell as raw material. Porous in nat- ure. Bio-F is insoluble in
Bio-F has high temperature tolerance. Bio-F has the capability to remove Fluoride. It Can remove Fluoride in excess of 90 Bio-F is highly cost-effective. It be used without electricity Suitable for domestic and community purpose.
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Electrolytic Defluoridation Systems
NEERI - HES Water Engineers India
NEERI, India's premier rese- arch institute on Environ- mental Science and Engin- eering, and HES Water Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.,
one o[ India's fastest growing companies in the field of water quality solutions have come together to deal with the menace of fluoride in the country's groundwater...
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