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OxiMax DRDO Iron & Arsenic Removal Systems
Why remove IRON?
Iron Water readily stains plumbing fixtures, porcelain and cooking utensils.
When used in the laundry, it soon stains washables with reddish-brown discolorations. Iron Water also leaves its telltale marks on walls and floors if used in doing home cleaning chores...
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Why remove ARSENIC?
Arsenic contamination of groundwater is a natural occurring high concentration of arsenic
in deeper levels of groundwater. It is a high-profile problem due to the use of deep tubewells for water supply in the Ganges Delta, causing serious arsenic poisoning ...
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300 liters/hour 3000 liters/hour
Iron/Arsenic removal unit
How does OxiMax DRDO Iron & Arsenic removal systems works ?
Advantages of DRDO OxiMax Iron removal unit
  • Adequate Aeration
  • Major portion of iron settles in sedimentation chamber
  • Filter bad cracking prevented and clogging delayed
  • Double filtration ensures better iron removal
  • Efficient backwashing system
  • Easy operation and maintenance in rural condition
  • Can remove iron up to 40 ppm
  • No regeneration required.
  • Removes arsenic effectively
  • Easily achieves the limit of up to 50 ppb as per requirement of IS:10500-91
  • Robust media with high capacity for arsenic removal
  • No regeneration required
  • Low capital cost
  • Negligible operating cost
  • Unattended operation
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
Parameter Feed Water Filtered Water
pH 5.8 - 6.2 6.8 - 7.5
Turbidity (NTU) >100 1 - 2
Total Solids (ppm) 470 - 534 402 - 418
Total Hardness (ppm) (asCaCO^) 36 - 47 66 - 154
DO (ppm) 0.55 - 2.94 5.92 - 6.86
Iron (ppm) 39 - 40 0.05 - 0.2
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Who is DRDO?
Why remove IRON?
Why remove ARSENIC?
How does OxiMax DRDO Iron & Arsenic removal system works ?
Advantages of DRDO OxiMax Iron removal unit
Performance Evaluation
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