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OxiMax Solar Electrochlorination Systems
The "OxiMax SOLIS" Electrochlorinators, our Solar Power driven Electrochlorinators - are Batch type hypochlorite generators which produce Sodium Hypochlorite, a strong disinfectant, by the process of electrolysis from salt and water. With "OxiMax SOLIS Electrochlorinators", using the two most abundant natural resources, Sunlight and Salt you produce a strong disinfectant in a safe, reliable and a time tested advanced process. The Sodium hypochlorite thus produced is non-toxic and is injected into water it kills all the disease causing pathogens and renders the water pure.
The OxiMax SOLIS, "Solar Electrochlorinators" is available in a range of sizes:
  1. 5 gm/hr
  2. 10 gm/hr
  3. 25 gm/hr
  4. 50 gm/hr
The disinfectant generated by this system can be directly injected into water or wastewater to disinfect from 50,000 to 5,000,000 liters of water per day depending on the system size and level of contamination.
These systems are extremely easy to operate and most suited for the disinfectant generation for urban and rural villages, large swimming pools, hotels, hospitals, residential colonies amongst others for removing of bacteria, virus & algae from water.
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