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Why remove IRON ?
  • Iron Water readily stains plumbing fixtures, porcelain and cooking utensils.When used in the laundry, it soon stains washables with reddish-brown discolorations. "Iron Water" also leaves its telltale marks on walls and floors if used in doing home cleaning chores. "Iron Water", if not treated, can lead to serious complications in many industrial applications. In fact, there is hardly any wet process work that can be carried on successfully with water that contains iron.
  • Iron imparts a disagreeable metallic taste to water. Even when water contains small amounts of iron, a disagreeable, somewhat astringent quality is apparent. Naturally when iron is present in detectable amounts, it can ruin the flavour of tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. Further iron in the beverages gives them an unappetizing, inky black appearance.
  • In its insoluble forms, iron can form deposits in pressure tanks, pipelines,water heaters, commodes and in any other equipment where water is used.
  • Desirable limit is 0.3 ppm. Permissible limit is 1.0 ppm.
  • Dissolves concentrations of iron in excess of 60 mg/l are known to exist.Usually, however, no more that 5 mg/l of iron are present in supplied water. Unfortunately, iron in water becomes a real source of trouble to the homemaker and industry.
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