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What is Manganese ?
Manganese is a mineral that naturally occurs in rocks and soil and is a normal constituent of the human diet. It exists in well water as a naturally occurring groundwater mineral, but may also be present due to underground pollution sources.
The Effects of Manganese in your Water

Manganese can occur in a clear water state, latter turning to a colored water state. It can come from the well already oxidized due to dissolved oxygen in the water. There are also manganese bacteria which are similar to iron bacteria. Manganese staining does often appear to be darker than iron staining, sometimes black.

Exposure to high concentrations of manganese over the course of years has been associated with toxicity to the nervous system, producing a syndrome that resembles Parkinsonism. This type of effect may be more likely to occur in the elderly. Manganese in rare cases produces other types of toxicity such as cancer or reproductive damage.

Manganese concentrations below 0.5 mg/l are not a health concern though they may cause water to look, taste, or smell unusual.

A water conditioner system will effectively remove manganese deposits from your water.
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