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OxiMax Bio-F Defluoridation System
Why Fluoride Removal ?
Excessive Fluoride in Water is a menace. The permissible limit in drinking water is 1.5 ppm in India where as it is much lower as per World Health Organization Standards.Excess Fluoride in Water can cause several diseases such as:
  • Dental Fluorosis
  • Skeletal Fluorosis - Arthritic pain, spine rigidity, malshaping of bones, etc. When you ingest Fluoride, only about 50 comes out and the remainder is stored in the bones, which accumulated over a period, causes severe physical problems.
  • Cancer
  • Genetic Damages
  • Fluoride is more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than Arsenic.
What is Bio-F?
  • Bio-F is a biological adsorbent using natural shell as raw material
  • Porous in nature
  • Bio-F is insoluble in water
  • Bio-F has high temperature tolerance
  • Bio-F has the capability to remove Fluoride
  • Can remove Fluoride in excess of 90
  • Bio-F is highly cost-effective
  • Can be used without electricity
  • Suitable for domestic and community purpose
  • Regeneration produces no hazardous material
  • No Fluoride in waste water
  • Low contact time (3-5 minutes).
School children enjoying fluoride free water from OxiMax Bio-F hand pump based unit
Why Bio-F?
  • Safe-No Chemical required!
  • High&steady adsorption
  • High fluoride removal efficiency
  • Stable regeneration capability
  • Cost effective
  • Tested&certified by various leading labs across the country
  • Safe, Simple regeneration.
Bio-F Regeneration Methods - Convenient Safe Simple
Convenient. Safe. Simple.
Regeneration Method 1 -
START. Keep the media dissolved in alum solution for 2-3 hours. Then drain the alum solution out and rinse with fresh water. STOP.
Regeneration Method 2 -
START. The new regeneration process developed by us, requires you to just insert hot water at > 70 degree C or pass steam through the media and then rinse with fresh water. STOP.

"Bio-F is 2.5 times
more efficient than Activated Alumina"

All India Institute of
Public Hygiene & Health,

Bio-F v/s Activated Alumina
Sr.No Activity Activated Alumina OxiMax Bio-F
1. Defluoridation
1 mg/g
3-4 mg/g
2. Regeneration
Regeneration by exposing to
4% caustic soda (hazardous
chemical) difficult to carry out
regeneration onsite. Must be
carried to regeneration centre.
Regeneration using
alum or hot water/
steam >70oC. Can be
easily carried out at site.
3. Wastewater
Wastewater contaminated
with Fluoride thus going
back to ground at the same
No Fluoride in
4. Neutralization
Neutralization required with
sulphuric acid after regeneration
again hazardous chemical
No neutralization
5. Number of
3-4, after which media needs
15-20 times
Fluoride Removal Test result by food Drug laboratory
Type of samples Fluoride Contents
in samples before
Contact Time
Fluoride Contents
in samples after
passing through
Demo Unit
1. Raw Water 0.48 PPM -l0 Min 0.033 PPM
2. 1 PPM Fluoride in Raw Water 1.40 PPM 10 Min 0.047 PPM
3. 2 PPM Fluoride in Raw Water 48 PPM 10 Min 0.042 PPM
4. 3 PPM Fluoride in Raw Water 50 PPM 10 Min 0.044 PPM
5. 5 PPM Fluoride in Raw Water 37 PPM 10 Min 0.041 PPM
6. 7 PPM Fluoride in Raw Water 46 PPM 10 Min 0.038 PPM
OxiMax Bio-F Fluoride removal system - 50,000 LPH
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Fluoride Removal Test result by food Drug laboratory
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