What's In Your Water?
Water Collects Impurities
As water evaporates and rises to the sky in the form of water vapor, it is in its purest form. However once it falls to the ground and begins its journey to your home, water begins to collect impurities. This is where the problems begin.
Filtered Water Is Not Purified Water
Along its journey your water collects minerals, chemicals, bacteria and particles such as Arsenic, Iron, Nitrates and Acid. Even those that live in the city are not safe. While the water may be filtered, it is certainly not purified. Instead your water is loaded with chemicals like Chlorine. As the water passes through miles and miles of old rusted pipes it begins to collect Iron and Bacteria. Many are familiar with the horrible color, odor, and taste often associated with city water.
Fix Problems Before They Start
Choose from the list in the sidebar to read more about the most common problems found in the water that reaches your home. The only way to be certain that you have purified, healthy, soft water is to stop the problems before they enter your house.
Water Impurities
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